We believe that every event is special. That is why we not only provide you with delicious food; we also set the place up with elegance. occasion and well within your budget.

The BBQ Place.

Our Delicious Story

My name is Corey L. Jones and I am the sole Owner/Operator of Jonesnyourbones BBQ catering located in the Twin Cities. My journey began as a young boy watching my father grill for the neighborhood kids, along with my grandmother cooking for my sister and me. We grew up in a neighborhood that was trusting enough for kids to frequently be outside and play. My sister and I (and many friends alike) would rush into our homes telling our parents how hungry we were. The response was always the same, “go back out and play and I will call you when it’s time to eat! Once we were called back in if we ever dared to ask the question “what is this?” We were promptly given a response of “It’s FOOD, NOW SHUT UP AND EAT!” Thus, being how my business slogan was born. My passion for BBQ has inspired me to bring back the nostalgic taste of my childhood to my customers.


Featured Delicacies

Fresh From the Grill


Full Slab    

Half Slab
Pork Rib tips (by the pound) $17.99


Kale slaw $29.99 (4 inch pan)

Baked beans with burnt ends $32.99 (4 inch pan) feeds 25-30
Smoked Mac & Cheese pan $69.99. (4 inch pan) feeds 25-30

Smoked Brisket Mac and cheese $89.99 (4 inch pan) feeds 25-30
Buttery Corn (quarters) 15-20 or Garlic green beans $15.99

Vegan option

Vegan pineapple pan (4 inch pan) $32.99 feeds 20-25

With jackfruit $36.99 per pan

BRISKET (18 hour smoke)

$39.99 per pound (thick or thin sliced)

Brown sugar burnt ends $12.99 per pound
Brown sugar burnt ends


Regular, Bbq, Honey Garlic or Lemon Pepper $18.99 per pound (12 in a pound) Chef’s on Favorite

Minnesota’s Paradise aka Bbq jerk chicken pineapple pan $115 (4 inch pan) feeds 20-25


Sweet, Sweet Heat, BBQ Jerk $8.99 per 16 oz bottle


They All Love Our Food

"Wings are Fire!!"
- Bruce Wayans
"Some of the best BBQ I've ever had. Great Flavor"
- Becca Gardner
"JNYB has the best BBQ in tiwn. Its flavourful and you can tell that it is slowly cooked."
- Tameka Jones
"A must-visit for every BBQ lover"
- Laura Petracio
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